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From perspective of choice theory, four factors together lead to “happiness” and “pleasure” in our lives:

Enjoying activities:

This factor is one of the most obvious relationships with happiness. Enjoyable activities mean experiencing positive emotions. Experiencing positive feelings of being with your family, traveling with a friend, listening to favorite music, swimming, and so on. Happiness and positive emotions in life can help you in relationships and work, and also increase your creativity.

Well cope with loved ones and around:

Human relationships and dealings are one of the most important aspects of human life. Human beings are social beings who are looking for bondage, love, familiarity, and strong physical and emotional interactions with other human beings. Building a rich and qualitative relationship with parents, siblings, brothers and sisters, friends and your emotional partner is an important platform for spreading love and happiness, Having strong relationships in difficult circumstances will support you. Psychological research shows that when we are exposed to loneliness, “pain centers” are activated in our brains. From an evolutionary point of view, isolation is a serious threat to our survival.

Having Valuable Projects in Life:

To be happy with our lives, this is an important factor in finding activities that engage our energy, time and mind. Having a worthwhile project or goal is a factor in learning, growth and happiness in us. Individuals are dissimilar and different for different people may be worthwhile in poles apart activities and goals. May be to one person a valuable project is to write an essay or book, for another person to work in charity markets, learn to play an instrument, pursue a sports discipline, and more. It does not matter what activity you choose as a worthwhile project, but without such a goal, happiness does not come because people need to feel proud of them, and in that way, they have to do an important job among their daily routines.

Enjoyment of life:

We put the above factors in a way that does not expense and burden someone else. In this sense, building good relationships with others is an enjoyable life style, and your valuable project must be such that it does not prevent others from engaging in enjoyable activities, valuable projects and qualitative relationships.


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