Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

After exposing the charges to the presidential palace of Afghanistan according to Sexual abuse, reports reveal the scandal of the president senior advisor. According to evidence provided to the Pasbanan Media Group, a senior advisor of the presidential palace in Social coordination and minority welfare affairs is accused of fleeing married women with her three children from her home.

The story begins within six-months before “Sahib Nazar Sangin” was appointed as advisor to the country’s Chief Executive, but because no responding to the legal institutions and escape from the Ministry of the Interior’s meanwhile he did not respond to allegations on him in accordance of moral corruption and the escape of a married women from House, as well as non-compliance with the law, while he fled from responding to the legal institutions he was suspended from his position working as the advisor of National Unity Government Chief Executive. Now, six months later, nearly a week earlier, the country’s president appointed him as a senior advisor on affairs and the welfare of minorities. On the basis of the decree of the presidential palace: “Under item 13 of the Constitution, Article 64 of the Constitution, a new position was formed, as the Senior Advisor to the President of the Republic of Afghanistan on Social Solidarity and the Welfare of Minorities, and I have appointed Mr. Sahib Nazar Sangin in this rank and hope he will succeed in his working affairs.”

Now evidence shows that a senior adviser to the president has escaped a widow with her three children. On the basis of the romantic messages he received from the Facebook page of Mr. Sahib Nazar Sangin, he tried to educate this lady and force her to flee home with her children. Also, in part of the letters received by PMG the Crime Investigation Department of Police Headquarters in Kabul Police, has written to the city’s districts: “on the bases of Mr. Hafizullah Request and his First Investigation Report, Ms. Shukria her Daughter-in-law and his three grandsons are disappeared, from Afshar district of Kabul. According to this report, we will send you a personalized photo to perform in this field. ”

In another letter, the MOI office ordered the authorities: “The Hafizullah, son of Amanullah Resident of, Doshi district of Baghlan province, with a summons, have accused the Advisor of CEO office and he claimed: “The names of the most prominent people with the problems of Shukria daughter of Mohammad-Ata, the wife of My son martyr Dr. Safiullah, provided illicit services and she was an illegal relationship with the Advisor of NUG CEO and then Shukria and her three children has escaped to unknown area from her house.”

Although the Sahib Nazar Sangin did not respond to our calls, during his conversation with other media outlets he has stated that this is a conspiracy against him. Meanwhile, the Presidential Palace says that the decision to address the case is the work of the local organs, but officials from the Office of the Local Organized Organization also deny this. This is due to the fact that in the latest case presidential palace has ordered, the General Attorney’s office to investigate allegations made by the former president’s adviser on special security in charges of Sexual abuse in the presidential palace.

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