Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Milad Nayibi

Tajik President Imam Ali Rahman, during a meeting with Abdullah Abdullah, the country’s Chief Executive of Afghanistan has met on the sidelines of the “Interaction and Confidence Building in Asia conference”, Mr. Rahman has emphasized that its government will support the Afghan peace process and they would take any steps towards the Afghan peace process while they will not hesitate to support this process. He has stated: “Tajikistan wants peace and stability in Afghanistan and we are ready to cooperate with Afghanistan in all its aspects,” said Imam Ali Rahman, “once again Tajikistan called for peace and stability in Afghanistan for the sake of peace and stability in the region and economic growth and development, and called for the expansion of economic-economic relations between the two countries. ”

Meanwhile, Abdullah Abdullah, the Afghan National Unity Government Chief Executive has said: “Afghanistan wants to consolidate and expand ties between the two countries, we want to increase trade and develop regional ties between the two countries. The Government of National Unity praises Tajikistan’s cooperation in combating drug trafficking and once again assures Tajikistan that Afghanistan is fully prepared to work together in combating threats. ”

Mr. Abdullah also emphasized that the government and the people of Tajikistan keep the relations between Afghanistan and Tajikistan in good condition, the country is from close friends and allies of Afghanistan. The Chief Executive thanked the Tajik President for his special attention to the cases of Afghanistan and helped to bring peace and reconstruction to the country.

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