Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasizes in a large gathering of Bajawar residents that, as peace is being built in Afghanistan, a new government is emerging. Khan stresses: “Afghanistan’s peace is on its way. Talks with the Taliban are ongoing, if God willing, our brothers in Afghanistan will be watching for peace and stability. This peace will lead to stability in the region; it will expand trade and improve the economy, and most importantly, Afghanistan will be able to end the battle and stand up to its feet. ”

“A good government will be formed in Afghanistan, a government that represents all the citizens of Afghanistan,” said Pakistani prime minister. “The battle will end and peace will be provided in that country.” Said Khan during his visit from Bajawar bordered eastern Afghanistan.

Imran Khan Raises the issue that, two days ago, the Taliban ended the fifth round of talks with the United States after 16 days of discussions, it is said that at this round of talks, the two sides agreed to foreign troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban would be broken out with terrorist groups.

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