Pasbanan- Kabul:

By gaining victory in the general election, Pakistani Tahrik Insaf Party leader Imran Khan attributes peace to Afghanistan to Pakistan’s stability. “This is a very high and decretive Afghanistan in the battle against the terrorists and before it during the jihad, In fact, peace in Afghanistan means peace in Pakistan.” the Pakistani politician has said.

The Pakistan Tahrik Insaf Party leader has also announced that he hopes Afghanistan and Pakistan will try to have open borders as the European Union countries have, He has emphasized that his government will work to bring peace to Afghanistan. According to Imran Khan: “I want our countries to have open borders, as the European Union has.”

In addition, former Cricketer turned politician and Pakistani Tahrik Insaf Leader have said they will strengthen relations with Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China. He emphasized that Islamabad and Delhi must come to the negotiating table to bridge the tensions between them. Mr. Imran Khan emphasizes: “No country needs peace than us. We extend our ties Republic of China, which allowed us to invest in China-Pakistan economic corridor.”

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