Pasbanan- Kabul:

The primary results of Pakistan parliamentary elections show that “Tahrik Insaf Party” managed by Imran Khan is leading than his competitors. According to reports up to now, at least 30 percent of votes are counted and the statics released by Pakistan election commission shows that “Tahrik Insaf Party” is leading in 113 Constituency in 272 Constituency and it has succeeded in this elections. In the recent case, Muslim league party of Nawaz Sharif has rejected election results and they have claimed that this election was full of fraud and corruption.

By counting 30 percent of votes it is said that Imran Khan Party has succeeded in 66 Constituency and Pakistan people’s party leading by Benazir Boto late prime minister of Pakistan has achieved 39 percent of the votes. More than 100 million Pakistan citizens went to voting centers on Wednesday to elect their government and parliament members. But this election process was welcomed with suicide and terrorist attacks by all insurgent groups.


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