Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Pakistani PM, while speaking in parliament, said: “Pakistan has facilitated Afghanistan’s peace talks with the US. Today, the two sides can come to an agreement and all of these would be due to Pakistan’s efforts. We have done this for peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and there is the possibility of peace in Afghanistan for the first time. ”

But the Afghan president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani believes that the meeting of the Taliban with Washington was all his efforts to convince the world to negotiate with the group. “Today, the Taliban who are ready to talk to the United States are all due to my efforts, I have persuaded the world to sit down and encourage the Taliban to bring peace to the country,” said Mr. Ghani, in the National Consensus of Women for Peace program. Therefore, this group should respect the aspirations of the Afghan people. ”

But citizens believe the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has made such statements for his government’s popularity. Abdul Jabbar Bayreya, a resident of Kabul, said: “Recent statements by Imran Khan in the Pakistani parliament was stated for the same of his government popularity in. Islamabad is still trying to tap into Afghanistan’s peace process, I think that the meeting is due to the tiredness of Afghan citizens from the war. ”

Pakistan is claiming to be the largest facilitator of the Afghan peace process, which now has tensions rising between Islamabad and New Delhi. It is believed that the words of Imran Khan have a propaganda aspect that will prevent global pressures and the deterioration of India-Pakistan relations.

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