Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammaddin Agharkhail

Pakistan’s prime minister has said in a meeting with a number of journalists in Islamabad that his country will stop supporting and creating of militia groups after this. Imran Khan said: “Since the 1980s, when the Mujahidin won the battle against the Soviet Union against Afghanistan, it did not require militant groups to continue their work, but anyway, we have decided that from now on the need for militia groups are not seen in Pakistan, and the government will soon take control of 30,000 Madrasas and those militants which are trained in these Islamic schools will begin and re-educate of all militias are our major plan for providing stability in the region.”

Pakistan is one of the countries that has been harboring the region’s insurgency and has since been subject to complaints by international bodies to Afghanistan, Iran, India and the United States. Currently, nearly 50 Pakistani support groups are said that are fighting in the geography of Afghanistan.

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