Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

The Afghan Ministry of Defense has said that in 1398, Afghan security and defense forces will act more aggressively against the terrorists than their defensive mode. The Ministry of Defense has also announced that extensive changes will be made in different parts of the army to fight terrorists and these changes will be made in the seven key areas, in order to make the results of the military operations desirable all around the country. Defense ministry spokesman Qais Mangal said: “Major changes will take place in several parts of the military, we hope that by making these changes the security forces can be more aggressive to suppress the terrorists.”

The spokesman for Afghan Defense ministry has also said: “These changes have been made in the combat command, anti-corruption field, and are supposed to be built for a unitary command structure, alongside national army forces, in terms of civilian casualties Would also be dramatically reduced, preserving the presidential election, and raising the military’s capacity from other plans that are already scheduled for 1398.”

According to the Ministry of Defense spokesman, since the armed opposition forces are using always civilians as a human shield, they hope that the civilian casualties will be dramatically reduced by the changes that are to be made. This is while the Taliban have announced that they will increase their attacks in the spring of 1398.

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