Pasbanan- Kabul:

National Security Advisors of Afghanistan, USA, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates once again agreed to launch a new road map for countering terrorism in Afghanistan. According to National Security Advisors Public affairs office: Mohammad Hanif Atmar and 3 other NSA advisors have agreed to create a new road map for countering terrorism, Afghanistan peace process and also economic development in the country. The newsletter has wrote that 4 NSA advisors has achieved some new agreements.

Meanwhile, USA, Saudi Arabia, And United Arab Emirates once again emphasized that they will support Afghansitan peace process they have also said: for achieving progress in Afghanistan Peace talks parties must take concrete steps and they should increase their efforts. The NSAPO newsletter also adds: the 4 NSA Advisors have also agreed to launch a new platform for targeting foreign fighters and also their financial resources in the country.  Meanwhile, 4 countries also agreed that they will target terror group save havens in the country.

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