Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

By: Shikib Nazari

Afghan Ministry of Public Health has said at least 16 people were wounded in a terrorist attack on Wednesday in Kabul, while 60 others were injured, the event took place at wrestling club called Mualem, in which nearly 100 Scouts were practicing. Event witnesses say the gunman shot down the club guard and after entering to the stadium the suicide attacker blow up himself, Hayatullah is one of the wounded in the event. He says: “I had entered the club and wear my athlete’s cloth I was in my way to the stadium when I heard firing, then the attacker blew up his companions by entering the club. After that, I did not understand what happened. ”

Victims’ relatives say the number of casualties is higher than the figures. Hussain Ali a victim family member told the Pasbanan: “Our children went to the wrestling club to practice, which was targeted by a suicide attacker. In this event, many athletes have died. “Nowruz is another relative of the victims in todays incident, who says:” When the blast happened, we rushed to cooperate with the victims, the second explosion occurred, it is still unclear how much these casualties were, but according to what we saw, there were more victims. ”

In this event, Samim Faramarz and Ramiz Ahmadi, journalist and cameraman of TOLO news, died, and four others including Khaled Naikzad, Hussain Rasti Manesh, and Seyar journalists from Khurshiud TV, and Jamshid Ahmadi reporter of Maiwand TV were wounded. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior has said at least 20 people have been killed and 87 others are injured and the casualties’ statics would be changed.

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