KaPasbanan- Kabul:

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) reported that the casualty numbers of today’s attack have increased to 176.  Abdul Wahid Majroh, the spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health, told media that at least 57 people including women and children were killed and 119 others got injured. It is also reported that Abdul Aziz Hosseini, cameraman of Rah-e-Farda TV also got injured in today’s incident, but there are no further reports on his health condition yet.

However, the Lobbying Group for the Protection of Civilians has described the attack as a humanity crime. The group wrote in a newsletter: “A suicide bomber struck a polling station in Kabul, in this incident including 21 women and 5 children, 57 people got killed, and including 47 women and 16 children, 119 others got wounded. Also in a roadside bomb blast on civilian’s car in Baghlan province, 3 people got killed and 6 others were wounded. According to reports the responsibility for the Kabul attack was apparently taken by ISK terrorist group, but the responsibility for the explosion in Baghlan is not identified yet. “The group will protect the civilians,” he strongly condemns the attacks and calls on terrorist groups not to attack civilians. Meanwhile, Civilian casualties are very heavy and scary. »

The authorities of the National Unity government once again condemned this bloody attack, saying that such activities can never prevent Afghanistan people to participate the democratic process to make their future.


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