Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

According to local sources in the western part of the country, fires in the grassland of Turkmenistan have increased the threat of fire in the Badghis forests. “It’s possible that the fire will also infiltrate Turkmenistan to the border areas and parts of the northwest of Badghis,” spokesman Badghis Governor Jamshid Shahabi told media.

A spokesman for Badghis Governor also said: “Pistachio forests and grassland are located along the borderline of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, so the occurrence of a fire in Turkmenistan has now become a serious threat to our forests. However, the government has taken some measures to prevent possible damage to the forests in Badghis. Along with that technical team, they went to the district of Bala Murghab and talked with the residents of the district to inform the citizens in the event of a possible fire.

Mr. Jamshidi also warns that in the event of the fire spreading to Afghanistan, in addition to financial losses, wild animals living in these forests may also be threatened with death and destruction.

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