Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

Reports from Balkh indicate that clashes have intensified between supporters of Atta Mohammad Noor and the Special Forces of Police. Some civil society activists in Balkh say clashes between the security forces and the supporters of Atta Mohammad Noor are increasing at any moment, and the two sides are using light and heavy weapons. Meanwhile, security sources in Balkh say that the Special Forces Police have been demolishing the walls of the Police Headquarters building and have been entered inside the building to arrest the supporters of Mr. Atta Mohammad Noor. According to reports at least two police was killed and one special force soldier got wounded during these clashes.

This is while the interior ministry has emphasized the implementation of the President Ghani decree. On the other hand, Atta Muhammad Noor has said that the appointment of a new commander in Balkh is meant to be a plot against him and, until the last stage, his supporters will stand against this decision.

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