Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahel

The Taliban targeted civilians yesterday by launching terrorist attacks. The governor of Nangarhar claimed that at least four civilians were killed and 20 others were wounded during four Taliban bombings in the province. The incident occurred yesterday in Nangarhar District 4, and all the victims were civilians.

After this incident Nangarhar Governor, Shah Mahmud Mikael, attend a press conference, during this event he said that this attack was terror act of Taliban, adding that: “the explosive materials were carried out by using a rickshaw, which killed four and all of the martyrs of this incident were hand Sealers. In addition to this, all 20 others who were wounded in the incident, are civilians who have come to buy goods for their iftar, including one injured among the injured. ”

The officials have stated that the health condition of an injured is very serious, this provokes the anger of Nangarhar residents and they have urged the Taliban to prove their Muslim status and to stop the violence and killing of civilians at least during Ramadan. The Taliban have not yet spoken to the event.

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