Pasbanan- Kabul:

Based on letters that are available to the Pasbanan, the tension between Taliban leaders Mullah Hibatullah, Mullah Abdul Yaqub, son of Mullah Mohammad Omar, and Mullah Manan, the Taliban governor for Helmand, have increased more than ever. Mullah Yaqoub, son of Mullah Mohammad Omar, wrote in a letter to the Taliban leadership council: “I want to make my criticisms about the attack that was carried out by Ambulance in front of Jamhoryat Hospital which killed and wounded civilians. After a sharp reaction by the ulama to the attack that civilians were killed and injured, the Taliban are blamed for the attack. Next, to this, the attack has destroyed a public utility that is in violation of our jihadi bill. ”

The son of Mullah Omar, now a deputy to Mullah Hibatullah, continues to add: “I must also say that Mullah Hibatullah and the military commission have not consulted with me about this, and this case has been carried out under the command of Khaliah Sahib Haqani. I personally oppose such attacks that increase the hatred of citizens against the Taliban. Next, to this, I want to express my support for the peace proposal that will lead to peace in the country. ”

In another letter, published by Mullah Manan, he also said that Mullah Hibatullah’s misguided policies caused the deaths of civilians, and in the letter, Mullah Manan was quoted: “I agree with criticizing of Mullah Yaqub Omari about the leadership and military council, especially Mullah Hibatullah. It should be considered in all affairs of the Islamic Emirate bill, but unfortunately, Mullah Hibatullah’s principles of work have led to a widening of ethnic differences among Taliban leaders. In fact, this is a violation of the aspirations of Mullah Omar and Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansur. »

“Unfortunately, Sheikh Hibatullah has, moreover, overturned the principles, which raise the distrust of the people and most of the citizens are unhappy with Islamic provocation, hence they ask us to get to the current battle as soon as possible,” he added. In the country, put an end to the dialogue with the government. Therefore, we must respond positively to this request from the people, and as Helmand governor, I am committed to institutionalizing and meeting the aspirations of the people in Helmand. ”

The two letters are issued while the Taliban have again claimed that they will increase their attacks in the provinces every year.

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