According to Ghani’s decree, all government agencies should publicize the reports of the past year and the work plans of the coming year.

Minister of Economy of Afghanistan Mustafa Mastour, during the presentation of the report on the work, says that according to the plans of the current year, the working hours of government departments are expected to increase by two to three times or a shaft.

Mastour added that for a full use of 24 hours, second and third shafts would be created in government bureaucracy. And, based on this, the private sector could also start two to three times to create both more job creation and Take a great deal of time.

Meanwhile, officials from the National Bureau of Procurement last year are full of achievements and according to the department’s officials, 698 contracts worth 7,153 billion Afghanis have been made since the start of the operation.

The Ministry of Finance has also been preparing a $ 6.8 billion investment program in the country in order to attract more investment in the country and have partnered with the Islamic Development Bank’s officials.

“We have put together a strong $ 6.8 billion investment package, the details of which will be completed by a month,” said Zahid Hamdard, head of the Ministry of Finance.

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