Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Indian media said on Saturday announced that, despite all the efforts of Pakistan and China to block the name of Massoud Azhar, leader of the Pakistani terrorist group, India is trying to expose this dangerous Pakistani terrorist as a big threat and urged Security Council to add this man to the global terrorist list. According to the India Today newspaper, while India has provided documents to the UN Security Council under the name Massoud Azhar, the Chinese representative to the UN Security Council, has shown technical problems in the proposal, and has raised obstacles to this issue.

Indian media have also said that China and Pakistan have tried to stop this action so far. An unnamed Indian official said that “China’s decision to stop this effort will never be a big obstacle to us because we are optimistic that the United Nations Security Council will officially include Massoud Azhar in the list of panic Global terrorists. In my opinion, terrorist attacks are a serious challenge that China is also affected, but such an action is being taken by the non-warfare to prevent the name of Massoud Azhar from being listed on the global terrorist list due to some Islamabad- Beijing interactions. ”

According to Indian media reports, Massoud Azhar is currently responsible for the deadly attacks in Kashmir under Indian rule, killing at least 40 of the country’s security personnel. Indian officials in the Security Council have said that Massoud Azhar and his group should be included in the global terrorist lists as soon as possible. India has also said that, with all the efforts of Pakistan and China, the international community is now standing with New Delhi, and it is taking the earliest opportunity to do so.

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