Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

India is investing in Afghanistan to prevent possible US sanctions on the Chabahar port of Iran. After the last meeting between two US and Indian officials, the US officials have said that they are pursuing this request of Delhi. Washington is still pushing for oil to be banned from buying from Iran. This issue was raised at the first trilateral meeting of Afghanistan, Iran, and India in Kabul. Deputy Foreign Minister Vijay Guokal, who heads the Indian delegation, met with Deputy Foreign Minister Hikmat Khalil Karzai and Iran Deputy foreign minister Abbas Iraqchi in Kabul yesterday.

India and Afghanistan are trying to inform the United States about the strategic importance of the Chabahar Port to stabilize Afghanistan, where Washington is in a long-term conflict with the Taliban. Haroon Chakhansouri, the spokesman for the Afghan presidential palace, has said that a series of Issues have been raised with Indian and Iranian officials during past sessions over the past months. According to Reports, the second round of Washington sanctions on Iran will begin in November; Iran’s oil industry is expected to be further monitored over any sanctions rounds.

In the joint resolution of the three-member trilateral meeting of the three foreign ministries, Kabul-Tehran and New Delhi agreed on joint economic cooperation with Afghanistan, and all three countries have supported the peace process and development of Afghanistan. It is expected that the second session of this summit will be held in India in 2019.


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