Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Morteza Haidari

India is expected to host the world’s largest elections with 900 million voters in 7 stages. Indian election commission Chairman Sunil Arora said that in this election at least 900 million eligible citizens would be participating, of which only 15 million will be young people aged 18-19. According to Indian Election Commission data, these parliamentary elections will be the largest election in the world, with candidates from several parties competing for 543 seats.

According to reports, this election is scheduled to be held in April 11 of 2019 and the Indian parliamentary elections are scheduled to take a month, it is expected that the ruling Indian party, Bahartia Janata Party, will again be the Victorian of this election with achieving 241 seats. According to the Indian media survey, the prevailing tensions between India and Pakistan have diminished the popularity of the ruling regime, led by Narindra Modi, but after the Indian Army’s airstrikes in Pakistan soil, it is expected that the ruling party led by Mr. Moody Could win the majority of votes in this election.

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