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Reporter: Imran Khorasani

The “Taxi providing Ola App” service company has been struggling to defeat its long-standing rival, “Ober”. In the latest issue, “firstly,” Indian Auto Rickshaw product of “Bajaj” and “Piaggo” Indian companies has used by “Ola” to transport its passengers. officials have stated that the use of Rickshaw was first launched in Liverpool, and Rickshaw drivers presented customers with a free ride on their first day of operation.

Meanwhile, Benny Leigh, the company’s chief executive officer, said: “I was traveling around the city today and provided me with the opportunity to hear people’s social problems closely and use our company’s new technology. I enjoyed it a lot. We also make other new choices so we can provide more convenience to our customers. ”

At the moment, Ola Company is providing Taxi services in various parts of the UK and was first used by users in the UK in August 2018. The service was launched for the first time in the city of Cardiff, but now it’s operating in the cities of Bristol, Bath, Exeter, and Liverpool of the UK.

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