Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sanaullah Nawabi

According to foreign media reports, a 27-year-old Indian boy plans to bring his parents to court after giving birth to him. His name is Rafael Samuel Mumbai citizen and he is a businessman. This young man claims that his parents gave him birth without his consent. He is willing to have financial punishment for his mother and father for this act. “It’s a mistake to give birth to a child in this world, because they have to endure life with suffering for years to come,” he says. Although I know that getting consent from us is not possible before birth, but it’s not our decision to come to this world. We did not want anyone to bring us to this world. We have to pay for our life to continue. ”

Samuel’s parents are lawyers, he says he will be well off with her parents. He continues to predict that they will probably come up with a laugh and joke with this request. According to him, giving birth to a child is a kind of slavery that forces humans to endure harsh and overwhelming work.

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