Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

The UAE embassy has decided to continue its generous engagement with Afghan citizens during this Ramadan to provide 1,000 students at the Kabul University’s dormitory Iftar program. The program, which started yesterday, is scheduled to continue until Ramadan. “The program is a worthwhile step, and we hope that the UAE government will also institutionalize other areas that have already been agreed with the Afghan government,” said Mohammad Asghar Maihanyar, director of the Kabul University central dormitory. The program will cover 1,000 students until the end of Ramadan.”

Meanwhile, the students who benefited from this program thanked the UAE Embassy in Kabul for the expansion of the assistance throughout the country for students. “The Iftar program provided by the Arab Emirates embassy is a worthwhile step and we hope that the UAE government’s assistance to other provinces of the country and to other students will also be expanded,” said Mahmoud Jamil, a student. The United Arab Emirates has been cooperating with us in our country as a friend and brother in all fields. ”

The United Arab Emirates is considered one of the most important and strategic countries in the Arab world, which is believed to be a good partner in many parts of Afghanistan. Earlier, President Ghani and Shah of the United Arab Emirates signed a series of memoranda of understanding on development issues involving mines, energy education and other sectors, which will make huge investments to the people of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Afghan citizens are calling for immediate implementation of these obligations by the UAE government.

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