Kabul – Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Gulabuddin Amiri

Officials from the Ghazni Province Chamber of Commerce and Investments are reporting the decline in business and investment in the province due to insecurity and other problems in the province.

Abdul Matin Qalandari, head of the Ghazni Chamber of Commerce and Investments, told the Pasbanan reporter that the businessmen and peasants of the province are facing many problems.

Mr. Qalandari added: “The Kabul-Ghazni-Ghazni-Kandahar public highway is so insecure that no businessman can travel. There are no airline facilities in Ghazni.

Products harvested by peasants should be sold elsewhere due to the lack of cold storage in the province. ”

The head of the Ghazni Province Chamber of Commerce and Investments adds that traders have come from the center of the country to buy products in the past, but no business has come to Ghazni during the year.

He said he hoped to provide essential trade opportunities in the province so that the farmers could sell their products at a reasonable price.

Meanwhile, Ghazni province was to be upgraded from second-tier province to second-tier province in fiscal year 1398.

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