Pasbanan- Kabul:

yesterday ten insurgents attacked interior ministry in Kabul. They started their attack at 12:20 PM in the entrance gate and two hours later seven Attackers killed by security forces. Ministry of Interior announced that in this attacked three Insurgents explode their selves and seven other carried out heavy fight with Afghan security forces. according to US media, these insurgents were dependent on ISK fighters and they wore US military uniforms and had two built prove vehicles.

Now Afghan citizens believe that these terrorists are supported by foreign and supper power countries who are involved in Afghanistan case. Ahmad a Kabul citizen told PMG: “truly when I watched the pictures of terrorists I did not believe that they were terrorists, the changed their face and using built prove cars by them shows that until now superpower countries are looking for their revenge from each other by sitting up like these attacks”

Meanwhile, in the most recent case, Kabul police announced that they are going to avoid the repetition like these attacks in Kabul and they will storage all undocumented vehicles. Until now capital security officials did not reply any comments about how do terrorists reached in this area.


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