Pasbanan- Kabul

Afghan Interior Ministry has announced that for the first time, Kabul security police district chiefs will compete and these commanders will be appointed after successful passing of the test. According to MOI purpose of this test is to carry out reform, and recruit professional officers at security posts in Kabul. Afghanistan’s Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak said on Thursday at a ceremony to launch an Afghan police inspection to reach the Kabul security capability headquarters. In selection of new commanders, the professional standards of officers are considered and efforts are made to select qualified people.

He added this test will provide equal opportunity for all Afghan police officers, in addition to records of all former commanders of Kabul police security districts will be reviewed To observe have they been successful or not? Mr. Barmak said it was announced beforehand that officers should have conditions to take part in the test. In the following weeks, Kabul has been experienced bloodiest attack. Kabul citizens believes that main reason of these attacks are weaken structure of the security forces, and that’s why now a day’s Kabul city is infiltrate for terrorists. This is while President Ghani has cast off 7 Kabul security officials in connection with a terrorist attack on the Kabul 111 Brigade.

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