Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

In the past few months, the National Unity government appointed two shadow ministers to the Ministry of Interior. After the warden of Amrullah Saleh, now Massoud Andarabi is now assigned to this position. He is one of the Afghan top intelligence miners, who are also known as anti-Taliban and anti-Pakistani figures. “Every soldier and police officer is affiliated with a family, which are citizens and sons of this community and your children,” Mr. Andrabi said at the ceremony of his introduction as the head of the interior minister.

Mr. Andarabi highlighted the need for reform in Ministry of Interior, adding that after this, police will work for the comfort of the people. “We will strive to strengthen the relationship between the police and the citizens of the country,” he said in his speech: “It is our dream that every citizen of the country should stand next to police and the citizens of this land, instead of fear, from police forces. We will work against the criminals and terrorists and we believe that our citizens feel proud and safe from their police forces.”

The head of the Interior Ministry emphasizes that after this the terrorists and criminals will be exposed their worst days, he believes that police will work more than before and the terrorists will experience nightmare in upcoming days and nights: “We want to say to The criminals that they will not have good days ahead; they will face police forces and no nests will be safe for them. Criminals and terrorists should know that they cannot escape the law, and those who dream of the collapse and dissolution of the security forces realize more than ever that this is a dream and it won’t happen.”

The interior minister, while insisting on the punishment and penalty of criminals and terrorists, that over the past several months the Afghan government has been more seriously targeted the insurgents and criminals.

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