Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahil

“The Ministry of Interior’s recent assessments of Balkh province security shows that the security of this province is publicly and specifically the security of Mazar-e- Sharif city and the districts of Shulgara, Balkh, Chimtal and Zare, as well as the security of the province, is so worst,” Interior Ministry newsletter stated. The problems at the Hayratan port and the objections of national traders required special attention to the security of Balkh province. ”

“On the other hand, the presence of irresponsible gunmen, increased activity of criminal gangs and the activities of terrorist groups have led to an undesirable security situation in parts of Balkh,” the ministry of interior affairs said. “With this in mind, it was decided that changes in the level of Balkh Police leadership would be implemented in this province and that people could live in complete safety and security, so Brigade General Abdul Raqib Mobarez, who is a well-established, decisive and experienced police officer was appointed as the commander of the Balkh Police, which will be officially introduced today. ”

Interior ministry newsletter added that “the appointment of the new police commander has nothing to do with political issues, and part of the process,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs said, adding that changes in the government, and in particular within the security forces is a Normal governance step which is taken to improve the situation in Balkh. The Ministry of Interior is committed to providing better security services to protect the peace and security of the people and will take the necessary steps in this regard. ”

Meanwhile, the deputy Interior Minister, in response to the appointment of a new commander in Balkh, announced that Abdul Raqib Mobarez would be supported by police special forces unit and that no one would prevent police to enforce the President decree with all the power.

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