Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khurasani

Hamadullah Moheb, the adviser to the National Security Council, said that meetings and talks about peace between the citizens of Afghanistan are useful and important at any time and any place. In a meeting with German Ambassador, he said the recent meeting Doha was useful, as the Afghan government had some considerations, but such meetings could be a good start for peace in the country. “We are indebted to the efforts of the Borghaf Institute, which cooperated with the Doha summit and provided the opportunity to bring the views, talks, and proposals of the two sides on peace together between the citizens,” said Mr. Moheb in a meeting with German Ambassador to Kabul, Peter Progel.”

During the meeting, Mr. Moheb and Ambassador of Germany in Kabul spoke at on recent meeting between the Taliban and the Afghan government individual figures and emphasized that the next round of Intra-Afghan talks will be in line with the Afghan government. Meanwhile, reports show that the second round of talks between the Taliban and the top political figures from the government and the Afghan people is scheduled to take place for another month. However, German Ambassador has said his country will support the Afghan peace process and will continue their efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan.

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