Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Imran Khorasani

The National Procurement Office introduced the new “electric and open procurement system of Afghanistan” to international institutions, representatives of private companies, civil society organizations, and the media. At today’s press conference, officials of National procurement office of Afghanistan announced that by using the “Electric and Open Procurement system of Afghanistan” companies are classified according to their experience and expertise in several sections and they can easily participate in the procurement process based on the government needs”.

“Using this system, private companies can apply for contracts according to their experience and expertise, and this system will empower our office to bring the entire procurement process with easy assessments all around the country,” said Mohammad Omar Elham Hotaki, head of the National Procurement Office. “In 11 sections all companies would be distributed, then companies can apply for membership in one or more sections and enter the National Procurement Delegation System with a certified attribute.”

“The system has been created to provide the necessary facilities for the growth of the private sector, to ensure transparency in procurement procedures, to evaluate companies and to increase the specialized capacity of these offices, which uses the process of evaluating proposals and giving Corporate class, certificates will be speeded up and more facilities will be provided. ”

Officials at the National Procurement Office have also claimed that using the open and electronic procurement system at the regional level, Afghanistan is the only country that has benefited from this.


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