Kabul-Afghanistan: (PMG)

Reporter: Mohammad Yassin Sadat

The High Peace Council released the list of 19 individuals who are selected for the arranging of Consultative Loya Jirga Commission. Mohammad Omar Dawoodzai, head of the High Peace Council Secretariat, wrote on his Facebook page that, based on the decree number 135 of Ghani, at least 19 individuals were elected as members of the commission, Fazl Karim Fazl, Abdul Wahab Erfan, Abbas Nouyan, Abdul Haq Shafaq, Mohammad Ayoub Rafiqi, Abdul Rashid Ayobi, Dawood Kalakani, Sediq Petman, Khan Jan Alokozay, Jamahir Anwari, Fawziyeh Aral, Malalai Shinwara, Sayed Ali Kazemi, Aminuddin Mozaffari, Nasrin Oryakheyl, Zia-ul-Amarkhail, Niloofar Ebrahimi, Sarir Ahmad Barmak and Rohullah Neyazai are appointed as the members of this commission for arranging this Loya Jirga.

Mr Dawoodzai adds that Zia-ul-Haq Amarkhail and Fawzia Oral are selected as deputies of this commission, Nadia Saleh as secretary-general, an also Sayed Ali Kazemi and Abdul Rashid Ayobi were appointed as spokesperson for the Peace Consultative Loya Jirga Commission. This is when President Ghani has emphasized last year that the Jirga should be held in the past month, but was later delayed due to some factors.

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