Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Qudratullah Lashkari

A motor-vehicle manufacturing company has announced the production of a high-powered, 750-horsepower vehicle, which has many facilities for cooking and setting up a multi-day camp in the wild. According to the company, this car capacity is high and the cost of it would be 69-90 thousand Dollars which is 2020, the new car will be put into the global market. The roof tent of the car can be easily switched to bed linen and has cooking facilities in behavior, in addition, the car is designed to be out of service at the time of stopping from the rear of the car body.

Powering this machine with a 180kW bottle and the power of the electric oven bottle is 20kW. There is still a small refrigerator for keeping food in the car. However, a dishwasher and a 19-liter water tank, electric kettle and a small folding table make the people in the wild easily access the facilities.

The car can handle up to 5000 kilograms of extra load. Water reservoirs can store 330 liters of fluid in total. These vehicles are designed to prevent contamination of air.

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