Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sanaullah Nawabi

Mohammad Omar Dawoodzai, the president’s special representative in the regional affairs and the head of Afghan High Peace Council secretariat, who was present today among the reporters, said that after his visit to Iran, the Iranian officials have said to him that they want the Taliban to participate in the political power. Mr. Dawoodzai said that although Tehran wants Taliban involvement in power, they have insisted that the Taliban should not be fully integrated.

Mr. Dawoodzai also added that during the meeting with Pakistani, Iranian, and Chinese officials, the three countries insisted that the constitution of Afghanistan and its 18-year achievements should be maintained. Mr. Dawoodzai continues to say that all the countries of the region want the legitimacy of the Afghan government through the holding of an election.

While the Taliban have emphasized that the current regime in Afghanistan should be ruled out and the Taliban regime should come to power once again. The case, which the Afghan and American authorities strongly condemned it and also they have stated that the group will never return to the political power of Afghanistan once again and they are not able to impose their system on Afghan citizens anymore.

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