Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Iranian media have quoted the officials of the Directorate of Refugees and Returnees in the western part of the country as saying that in the last 9 months, at least 225,000 Afghan asylum seekers have left Iran due to increasing economic problems. Officials of the department have also said that returnees have been legally entering the city of Herat in the direction of Islam Qala.

Officials from the Herat refugee and returnee’s department have said that the rate of return of Afghan refugees from Iran has increased by 100 percent. They said last year, 122,000 Afghan refugees returned from Iran, compared to 225,000 this year. Officials also report that 1,200 children, 63 single women, 353 people, 79 drug addicts, 447 inactivated people, and 149 elders and 63 disabled are among the returnees.


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