Reporter: Qudratullah Lashkari

Bahram Qasimi, spokeswoman for Iran’s foreign ministry, says Saudi Arabia is at the center of the global terrorist scene. As the tensions rise between Saudi Arabia and Iran in response to recent statements by Saudi Foreign Minister Adil al-Jabir, Bahrain Qasimi, spokeswoman for the Iranian Interior Ministry, said Saudi Arabia’s father-in-law, a terrorist father.

In a news conference in Pakistan, Mr. Jabir called Iran “the main supporter of terrorist attacks over the decades.” In response to Iran’s charge of Saudi Arabia in connection with his involvement in a suicide attack against the Guards, the role of Iran in the region was “destructive” And asked how such a country could accuse others of terrorist activities.

Last week, 27 people were killed and thirteen others were wounded in an attack by the Jayshalladl group on the carriage of Sepah border guards in Sistan-Baluchistan province in southeastern Iran. Iran accuses Pakistan of sheltering its members, and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to sponsor them.

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