Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

A video viral on social pages is a narrative of the excessive and inhumane insults of the Iranians against Afghan citizens who are refugees in their country and they are working in vegetable processing factory, but Iranians regard working of Afghanistan as an unlawful decision because the workers of this vegetable factory have been processed by Afghan refugees.

This narrative is more painful when an Iranian official enters the vegetable washing house and while he is seeing two Afghan workers: “The presence and recruitment of Afghan workers at the centers for the preparation and explanation of Iran’s food materials is a clear offense; now, the judicial centers of must prosecute these two workers because they are persuading the Afghan laborer how they have dared to work in such a factory. Finally, it should be said that working of Afghan asylum seekers in these centers is a clear crime and Afghan migrants should be trailed by the law.”

“It is never acceptable for us to admit the fact that in Iran’s vegetable production and processing plants, especially in such areas as washing vegetables, which are important to us for many, refugees should work because they are Afghans,” the official said. “However, more than one and a half million Afghan refugees are living in Iran, and the Iranian Akhundi regime has used these asylum seekers more as a means of using Afghan refugees in the Fatimyoon forces against ISIL in Syria.

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