Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

The Irish Cricket Team on Sunday (19 of May) managed to defeat the Afghan National Cricket Team with 72 runs differences in one-day games. Ireland scored 211 runs and give a target for Afghanistan in a 48 overs by losing all of its players. In the Balling Squad, Aftab Alam and the Dawlat Zadran managed to eliminate three players from the opponents from the field. Rashid Khan Arman also managed to send back two opponents from the field to the pavilion.

But in the batting site, Afghanistan was not well-off and failed to achieve the target, Afghan players were eliminated in 137 by losing 10 players. In this game, Afghan players were not able to shine well for Afghanistan but Asghar Afghan by taking 29 Runs and Mohammad Nabi taking 27 runs were the best players of this game. It is expected that the second game between the two teams well took place on Tuesday.

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