Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

By: Najibullah Arman

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the country’s president, went to Pakistan two days ago. Mr. Ghani traveled to Pakistan on the invitation of Imran Khan heading a high-level government delegation to turn the tensions between the two countries to normal. The presidential palace has stated on the occasion of this trip that this trip had good results even President Ghani’s adviser wrote on his Twitter: “The country’s president trip to Pakistan was focused on normalizing relations between the two countries and also on both side discussed economic and peace agenda.»

But critics of Mr. Ghani criticize his visit and insist that the president’s rivalry has led his legs to Pakistan because President Ghani has decided to ransom Islamabad and seize power for the next five years. Earlier, former National Security Director and one of the presidential candidates, Rahmatullah Nabil, said that Mr. Ghani had stretched out Pakistan’s efforts to maintain power and stay in the power for upcoming several years, while he knows well that Pakistan will never help Afghanistan for achieving stability in the country. Mr. Nabil added: “Instead of Mr. Ghani focusing on Afghanistan’s obscure hatred of Afghanistan, he has to reach out to secret agreements with Pakistan; his goal is to achieve power. Undoubtedly, Mr. Ghani does the same thing as he did in 2014; he will lean toward one-way leverage. Therefore, the vision of President Ghani can never be profitable for Afghanistan, except that the bleeding continues and Pakistanis will violate our national sovereignty and territorial integrity. He tries to stay in power in an uneven way.”

But the supporters of the president have a different view. According to them, the visit, while maintaining the darkness of relations has focused in the economic and transit sectors, and this trip is different from other trips of the president that he has had in the past, and even this trip was fruitful than other trips of Afghan former and current government leaders. According to them, the main focus of the meeting was management for Heart of Asia Meeting was address the problems of Pakistan and India, and the regional states declared their support for the establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan and the process of dialogue between Pakistan and India, this would bring positive results.

Afghanistan and Pakistan have been enemies since the distant past, and Pakistan has been accused of unnecessary interference in the Afghan internal issues with violations of Afghanistan’s freedom and support insurgents, and the two countries experienced full of tension relations in the months that followed, because the Pakistani prime minister said earlier that the only way out of the Afghan crisis would be the creation of an interim government, according to the perceptions of analytics. Now, this dark relationship has even shone relations with a number of countries in the region. Dual visits from the distant past to escape the darkness of relations between the two countries, but Islamabad is still accused of interfering in Afghanistan internal affairs, and besides that, Islamabad, is misbehaving against Kabul by supporting terrorists, and Pakistani establishment has been working on its own interests and depth Strategic interest in Afghanistan. It’s time to see that trip of Mr. Ghani will have which kind of result. Or maybe the perceptions would come wrong that the president of the country had done this trip to the benefited of Afghanistan, or that Mr. Ghani has been trying to get a progressive, advanced and far-reaching Afghanistan from the interference of neighboring countries, especially Pakistan, who have been accused in the past years. Instability and insecurity in the region, especially in Afghanistan, will be prevented and ending the current violence in the country.

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