Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

According to reports, the UN Security Council has reported that the ISIS- Branch of Khorasan which is affiliated with ISIL fighters and has played more active role in terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan also the are active as terrorist groups for several years in this region has now been added in UN Security Council terrorist sanction lists.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry spokesman, praising this decision and has called for the inclusion of all terrorist groups in the UN sanctions list. “We welcome the fact that the terrorist groups are included at the United Nations blacklist, and we hope that this UN action will continue,” Sebghatullah Ahmadi Foreign Ministry of Afghanistan Spokesman said. “Our belief is that such actions can prevent the free flow and activates of terrorist groups.”

While the United Nations Security Council recently expelled at least 14 Taliban members from its sanctions list, this was due to the goodwill of the Taliban’s peace talks with the US and Afghanistan government.

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