Pasbanan- Kabul:

Religious clerks from Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan gathered in a meeting for supporting the peace process in the country. The participants of this meeting say all terrorist acts such as suicide attacks are abandoned in Islam and it has no illegibility in this respected religious. They have urged all parties to the war in Afghanistan to avoid violence in the country. This meeting was held in the Bogor City of Indonesia, the participants also speak about current violation and peace process of Afghanistan. According to the newsletter released by participants of this meeting, it is also said that terrorism belongs to nothing such us religion, nations, nationalities or ethnic groups and suicide attacks are unlawful from Islam perspective.

Meanwhile, Afghan high peace council has announced that for attending this meeting 20 person delegation leading by Qiam-U-Din Kashaf chairmen of Afghanistan clerks has gone to Indonesia to participate in this meeting. According to some unconfirmed reports before holding this meeting, a group of high ranking Taliban made a trip to Indonesia and they have shown their interest in the peace process.


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