Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Ivanka Tramp, the elder daughter of President Donald Trump has stated during a meeting with the United States Special Representative for Afghanistan’s Peace, Zalmai Khalilzad and has emphasized that the need for Afghan women to play a more active role in the peace talks between Washington and the Taliban. “The role of women should be more prominent in the peace process than before because the advancements of women in the past few years have been the greatest achievement of the Afghan government and the United States,” Ivanka Tramp said.

The US president’s daughter emphasizes the widespread participation of women in the peace process between Washington and the Taliban, which nearly two weeks ago the group completed the fifth round of talks with the Washington negotiation team after 16 days of bargaining. But the lack of women attending at these meeting has raised major concerns in Afghanistan and in countries that support the Afghan Community. Following from this, some members of the European Parliament have urged Washington to increase the presence of women in the Afghan peace process more than ever, because the only group which is affected by Taliban violence in the country are women.

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