Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Following the order of the Presidential Palace to revise the claim of General Habib Ahmadzai, a special security advisor to the presidential palace, the Attorney General’s Office today announced that the case is now on their desk. “The Attorney General’s Office has been appointed to examine the case,” said Jamshid Rasouli, a spokesman for the Attorney General’s office. “In an official letter we have asked from General Habib Ahmadzai to provide all the documents for further investigations, the delegation has requested that all documents should be made available to them by Thursday, 30/May/2019. ”

Mr. Rasouli emphasized that the Attorney General’s Office assured all citizens of the country that they would receive the case in a fair and just manner in the light of the provisions of the law in an impartial and independent manner and that all documents and evidence should be handled by the institutions. The country’s justice and justice will be impartial. “

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