Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Ahead of NATO defense ministerial meeting, once again NATO Secretary General has shown his optimism on the Afghanistan peace process. Mr. Stoltenberg has stated during a press conference with Afghan Journalists: “First of all, we are strongly supportive of the peace efforts and all Allies support them and we are in close consultations with the US Chief Negotiator Ambassador Khalilzad. He has been here several times, consulting and briefing Allies and this will also be an issue we discuss at the meeting that starts tomorrow.

NATO SG has also stated that for having a better result NATO and its allies are willing to support Afghan forces to confirm that the Taliban will not win in the battlefield. He has also stated: “Allies are committed to supporting the peace process, partly by continuing to provide support to the Afghan forces. Our train, assist and advise mission because we strongly believe that the Taliban has to understand that they will not win on the battlefield. And that’s important to create the conditions for a peaceful, negotiated, political solution. So, therefore, we will continue to provide support.”

Once again Jens Stoltenberg has stressed that NATO will provide financial support to Afghan forces. According to Mr. Stoltenberg: “We will also continue to provide financial support and Allies have committed to providing continued financial support until 2024. Then, of course, the presence of NATO troops in Afghanistan after a peace deal will, of course, depend on the content of the deal. But I think it is a bit too early to speculate exactly what kind of presence we will have after a potential deal because we haven’t seen the content of the deal yet.” It is expected that NATO defense Ministerial meeting would be held today and Afghanistan would be on the high agenda of NATO ministerial meeting.



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