Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Qudratullah Lashkari

According to reports, the US and Taliban in Qatar have reached a consensus, and a draft peace agreement between Washington and the Taliban is currently on the table of national unity government officials. But in the latest case, the US ambassador to Kabul says Washington is trying to reach a final agreement with the Taliban. “Washington is trying to finalize a peace agreement with the Taliban as soon as possible and reach a comprehensive agreement with the group,” US Ambassador John Bass said in Kabul. “The purpose of these efforts is to end the war that the Afghan people have been suffering for many years, and ultimately to prevent the real development of Afghanistan.”

But President Ghani says the Afghan government will make peace with the Taliban when elections are held and another legitimate government is formed in the country. Mr. Ghani insists negotiations with the Taliban are unconditional, but peace with the group will be conditional. According to the president, by the end of the national unity government’s working term, he could not make a serious decision on peace with the Taliban.

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