Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Donald Trump, National Security Advisor John Bolton, has threatened to ban judges and prosecutors of the international criminal court from entering the United States whenever the International Criminal court investigations International War Crimes in Afghanistan. “We will ban judges and prosecutors from entering the United States, even boycotting donations to the agency in the US financial system, and bring them to justice according to the judiciary system of united stated of America,” said Donald Trump Administration Senior Official for security council. Washington will be prosecuting such organizations; we will continue to work the same way against any other institution that will assist the International Criminal Court in conducting this investigation against American forces in Afghanistan. ” he added this issues in a conference.

The White House spokeswoman Sara Sanders has reacted on these remarks of John Bolton, who said that after the International Criminal court has spoken about possible US war crimes trials in Afghanistan. Mrs. Sanders says: “We provided these statements with our decision and position prior to the investigation.” While most of the investigation may be conducted among the Taliban and the Afghan security forces, but in some cases, there are some reports that American inspectors who tortured prisoners were punished in secret places in Poland, Romania and in Latvia.

John Bulletin considers the International Criminal Court to be illegal, saying that the Trump administration will protect all citizens and allies from any prosecution by this court. He added that President Trump will not allow US citizens to be prosecuted by a foreign and corrupt court and that other countries would provide an excuse to counter this.


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