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According to Special Inspector General of US for Afghanistan Reconstruction, he has claimed in his most recent report that the women’s empowerment program in Afghanistan (PROMOTE) is the most failed project in Afghanistan and has wiped out the money of taxpayers’. Mr. Sopko wrote in a new report which was published by (SIGAR) this week, that based on statistics the program has been able to help only 50 ladies to take office in government structures. “We did not receive any good evidence that this program helped the women,” he added. When we interviewed women, even the first lady of the country, she considered the project to be very weak. ”

The (PROMOTE) or Afghan women empowerment project in the country is one of America’s largest programs to empower 75,000 women in Afghanistan to gain access to high-profile seats in government structures. The cost of the program was estimated at $ 280 million, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The US Special Inspector General for reconstruction of Afghanistan has said that at least 18 percent of the 89 million US $ spent money on this project is wasted. The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction has also said: “Rajiv Shah and his subordinates have used the program on misuse and lied to American taxpayers and Afghan citizens, but we were not able to complete this mission,” he said.

The United States Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction has also claimed that 12500 Afghan ladies were expected to benefit from this program in the past few years, but USAID officials have changed the target of this project in e this period of time, and now 1824 Ladies have been trained in this program. Mr. Sopko has called on the US government, while it has spent $ 89 million out of a total of $ 280 million from the general budget of this project, that the government must take a fresh and stable strategy to achieve this goal and also to prevent wasting of US taxpayers money.

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