Pasbanan- Kabul:

General John Nicholson, Commander of Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan said: “my recent speech about peace talks are misled by media.” Before this Afghan media quoted Commander of RS mission that it is possible that Washington conducts face to face talks with Taliban group.

In the recent newsletter released by Resolute Support Mission, Mr. Nicholson was quoted that his taught about Mike Pepo speech on behalf of peace deal was misled. He said: “America is no alternative for the Afghan people or government. In my speech about mike Pempo quotes on behalf of the peace deal, international security forces will also be involved and the US is ready to have direct talks with Taliban for providing a sustainable peace environment in the country. We are also ready to help Afghan people and its government by my quotes were misled.”

This US general is currently busy with observing the security condition of Kandahar in western Afghanistan. He also added: the new orders of Donald Trump will pave the path for accelerating peace process and US department of state is committed to implementing these plans in Afghanistan.


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