Pasbanan- Kabul:

John Nicolson Commander of Resolute Support Mission and US Forces was speaking to US media, announced that their military efforts to provide peace in Afghanistan has support this process. Interesting thing is that this four-star American general announced interest of Talib fighters to peace. He also added: “several addresses have been opened to talks between Taliban and Afghanistan government. I cannot name a person because this is a very confidential issue and we are looking to take advantage of opportunities to start peace talks.”

Mr. Nicolson also added: “these are the issues that we all see right now, is political and discourse activities behind the scenes in several levels, in fact these dialogues are in middle level and high level of Talib leaders and afghan government. Meanwhile some of specific global institute, government and non-governmental organization interest to active join to this process.”

Mr. Nicolson unveiled the willingness of Taliban to the peace process, but Taliban increased their attacks in most provinces and still Kabul and other major cities are the main goals of Talib fighters.


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