Pasbanan- Kabul:

Security officials in Jowzjan announced that a group of 23 ISIS members joined with Afghan security forces.

According to a Newsletter released by Shahin Army 209th Corps reported that these people were led by Mohammed Qasim, an ISIL local commander and they have joined Afghan government with 10 Miles of Kalashnikovs and 17 Magazines, a 100-thirty whistle, 2 Icom Taki wakes, 7 jumpers, in Pitto district of Darzab in Jowzjan Province, and they have handed over their self and equipment’s to local police commander called Shah Mohammad.

Meanwhile, Abdul Hafiz Khasi, spokesman for the Jowzjan police command, said that they are trying to transfer these people to Sheberghan city of the center of Jowzjan province.


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