Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Gulab-u-Din Amiri

Reports say more than 30 journalists in Ghazni province have boycotted government news coverage. Members of the Ghazni Journalists Union have written a newsletter that all journalists have been collectively boycotted covering local government news in Ghazni by publishing a resolution they have stopped covering government news.

Rahmatullah Naikzad, head of the Ghazni Journalists Union, said: “Due to the lack of accountability of the provincial government in Ghazni, all journalists were forced to boycott the local government. “The governor has also been harassed reporters recently, and government agencies did not respond to journalists when security concerns arose.”

The union warns that sanctions will continue if the local government does not respond to their demands. Reporters indicate that in recent year Balkh, Uruzgan, Nimroz and Herat reporters also registered their complaints to journalism advocacy bodies in the spring of this year, according to the Nai Journalists supporting Watchdog Newsletter.

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